Visit route des Pigeonniers

Discovery of the historical heritage of the Tarn

Emblematic of the southwest, dovecotes are an integral part of the culture of southern France. They played a major role in the history of the region; the pigeon house constituted wealth and could be brought as a dowry at weddings! A true HLM of pigeons, since a pigeon house can accommodate up to 650 nesting boxes.
The department has more than 1,700 pigeon lofts, of the Gaillacois type, the Toulousian type, the Saint-Sulpice type or the Castrais type.

Originally, these towers were intended for the rearing of pigeons for consumption or the use of their doves as fertilizer.

In the Middle Ages, the construction of a dovecote on the estate represented for its owner an achievement, an undeniable privilege, symbol of success and social distinction.
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Unusual visit typical of the Tarn

Also, we propose you to go through the Tarn to discover the unusual places where are hidden the most typical and charming dovecotes.

Dovecote building or on pillar, cylindrical or square, in raw or baked clay, in brick, in stone... At the bend in the road, you will come across dozens of them with astonishing architecture, all forming a part of a past history.

The route des pigeonniers can be traveled by car, motorcycle, bicycle, motor home... Let yourself be tempted and push the door of the tourist offices of the Tarn department to discover the route of this route des Pigeonniers which is only 1h23 from your rental at the camping in the Tarn.

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