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Lautrec most beautiful village in France

In the heart of the Pays de Cocagne, the village of Lautrec, this small village of 2,000 inhabitants, one of the most beautiful villages in France, built in the Middle Ages, is a Medieval city perched on its rocky spur. You will feel as if time has stopped there, but don't be fooled by appearances. Let yourself be guided through its narrow streets, these pink garlic fields and its local stories. There is a certain sweetness of life.

Its central square is home to the most beautiful corbelled houses; a square that hosts summer festivities.
Every summer, the Foire de Lautrec attracts thousands of people to celebrate a flower of French gastronomy, "l'Ail rose". The treasure of Lautrec that flourishes in the surrounding fields. This pink pod is the subject of a red label. It is the pride of the inhabitants. It is on the land of the Tarn that this condiment is best cooked and enjoyed with friends around a large table. Pink garlic is cooked in all sorts of ways: garlic cream, garlic soup, in puff pastry... pink garlic awakens the taste buds.

And finally, the local know-how, textile dyeing, Tarn tradition of indigo dyeing. Mixed with water, the famous cocoa ball fermented to obtain the blue pigment contained in pastel.
maison colombage lautrec

To see in Lautrec

    • The collégiale de Saint Rémy, a classified historical monument from the 14th century, the gate and the fortifications of the Caussade, the windmill, the numerous half-timbered houses and the 15th century covered market are all exceptional buildings, witnesses of a past rich in history, giving the Lautrécois region its letters of nobility. Come and discover its trompe-l'oeil paintings and its autel made of marble from Caunes-Minervois.
    • The clogmaker's workshop: to discover the history of this profession and the exhibition of old collection clogs, and finish with the store in which you will find wooden objects but also wicker.

moulin a vent lautrec

  • The windmill of La Salette: the emblem of the village, 11 meters high; facing the rising sun in the heart of the Tarn, it has been overlooking the village of Lautrec since 1688 and has been operating again since 2014. It is one of the only ones to make flour when the wind allows it.
  • The 15th century Halles square.
  • Castles and ramparts: the gate of Caussade, ramparts.
  • Panoramas: the view of the Lacaune Mountains, the Black Mountain and the Castra plain from the Calvary.

Just an 11-minute drive from camping Le Pessac, head to this pretty village and discover all the traditions it has kept. This medieval city is a must-see during your stay in the Tarn.

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